Block Party

Case + Study

+ Challenge

Each year in early April, coinciding with the NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four, AT&T plays co-host to a Block Party, a three-day event leading up to the championship games. Big name bands play on the AT&T stage, and AT&T livestreams the performance through their U-verse packages. Each year, they need a cutting-edge intro for the livestream to lead into the performance. So every March, the Futureman motion graphics team gets to work as soon as the talent is announced.

+ Solution

Again tapping Futureman’s motion graphics top dogs, the team concepts the story for the opening using the talent, their backgrounds, and the city the Block Party will be in.

+ results

Futureman has been extremely fortunate to deliver several best in show (no pun intended) openers for the likes of Blink-182, KISS, the Zac Brown Band, and Gym Class Heroes.


+ Production

+ asset design

+ motion graphics

+ linear editing

+ sound design

+ color treatment

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