Celebrity Relationship Index

Case + Study

+ Challenge

FOX came to Futureman with a concept to create an online marketplace for predicting celebrity relationship durations. How could they take their idea and translate it into a fun and engaging website that would ensure return visits and continued interaction with the site?

+ Solution

Futureman designed and developed a stylish and fun, yet highly intuitive engine in the vain of a real-time stock exchange, where users could come and read the latest news and then vote to influence celebrity couples’ CRI scores.

+ results

Recently featured on the Dish Nation show, the site has built up quite a following and user base. People continue to visit the site week in week out, to vote and influence Hollywood’s celebs’ CRI scores.


+ Design

+ art direction

+ brand identity

+ user experience

+ concept design

+ visual design

+ production design

+ collateral design


+ Interactive

+ CodeIgniter

+ custom admin

+ real-time web socket

+ server infrastructure

+ dev ops

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