Clinton Health Access Initiative

Case + Study

+ Challenge

Through client referral, the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) came to Futureman for a new streamlined and more efficient, pretty-yet-functional, website since they had not refreshed their online presence in roughly 7+ years.

+ Solution

Bringing all agency disciplines to the table (UX, Content, Creative, Technology, Art Direction, Account Services, QA, and Video Production), Futureman set out to create an impactful new online “face” for the Clinton Health Access Initiative. The solution would require 6 months and a fully dedicated team of senior staff.

+ results

After an intense discovery phase, and through robust IA and content auditing, we were able to take the website from 40+ pages down to less than 20 pages. The new navigation and content refresh, coupled with both enhanced form and functionality, lend themselves beautifully to all browsers and connections globally.

Since launch in May, the site has received immeasurable praise from senior foundation leadership and amongst countless non-profits internationally. To date, Futureman remains a trusted agency partner for CHAI, currently redesigning their annual report and creating video assets for the organization.


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