Cold FX

Case + Study

+ Challenge

Coors Light needed to find and film the perfect “hotstronaut” for their Cold FX mobile app.

+ Solution

Futureman was invited to cast, shoot, and edit footage that would be included in the fun, Hollywood-themed app.

+ results

For three straight days, extremely attractive women came in and out of the Futureman offices (for the casting shoot, of course). Not only did the agency’s street credit rise amongst tenants of their building, but also they were able to find and contract the perfect young lady to play the role of hotstronaut for the app.

With the talent solidified, the agency then shot for a full day against a green screen and cyc wall and the footage captured was priceless. The material rounded out the app to enormous client satisfaction.


+ Production

+ casting

+ live action shooting

+ motion graphics

+ linear editing

+ sound design

+ color treatment

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