Dish Nation

Case + Study

+ Challenge

Dish Nation Program Management sought to make the show’s website more informative, more of a destination for celebrity news and current events. They craved including more breaking news and varied media in the style of competitors like TMZ, BuzzFeed, and E! News.

+ Solution

Futureman was contracted to design a highly-stylized and visually appealing IP, as well as develop the new site in a way that would allow website administrators to easily categorize and update the large amounts of content (ahem, gossip) each day, keeping the material fresh and up to date.

Futureman developed the new site to be a beautiful hub containing the latest in celebrity news. Movies, TV, Music, you name it the site contains breaking news on it.

+ results

The new site launched in the Summer of 2014 and garnered an immense amount of positive attention and praise. Viewers continue to love it for the simplicity in which they can glean current news. Dish Nation staffers love it for both the beautiful public-facing front-end as well as the robust backend that allows them to easily keep the site updated with the latest breaking celebrity news.


+ Design

+ art direction

+ user experience

+ concept design

+ visual design

+ production design


+ Interactive

+ WordPress

+ custom theme

+ bootstrap

+ widget development

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