Fox TV Roku

Case + Study

+ Challenge

Fox Television brought in Futureman as their digital strategy and execution team. One of the the first priorities was to integrate the daytime line-up across IPTV platforms. The goal was to generate increased viewership by streamlining the upload and management of content with dynamic output to Roku's platform while maintaining the identity of the shows and increasing ad revenue.

+ Solution

Upon examining Roku's capabilities in tandem with those of the current content delivery network, we built a custom XSLT feed format that is generated and updated on the fly within the content delivery system, and published to the Roku platform for ingestion. We also created branded channels for the Fox Television properties allowing them to have full control over the content that is being distributed to and by Roku.

+ results

We've enabled Fox Television to seamlessly distribute their content with extreme control over categories and specific videos targeted only to users using OTT platforms by utilizing the existing infrastructure and content management system to prepare and classify the assets and videos ingested by Roku. We have also enabled monetization on the targeted videos with Roku's Audience Network and worked with 3rd parties to enable monetization from additional sources such as DoubleClick (DFP).

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