Global Goals

Case + Study

+ Challenge

Futureman came highly recommended to the United Nations Foundation from another client and was fortunate enough to be invited to design and develop The Global Goals website. The Sustainable Development Goals, or The Global Goals, are a set of 17 global objectives for the planet that will be announced in 2015 following the completion of the Millennium Development Goals, established in 2000. A far-reaching and impactful website was needed to showcase these new goals and advocate on their behalf. Enter Futureman.

+ Solution

Futureman, in conjunction with the senior leadership of the United Nations Foundation, Richard Curtis and Project Everyone, Global Citizen, and countless other international activist organizations, would design and develop the IP for The Global Goals.

+ results

An honored Futureman team produced a simple-yet-stunning website to showcase The Global Goals and promote their evangelization; a beautiful site serving both function and form. Several creative-for-greater good influencers at Cannes Lions 2015 have praised the site. It will also be highly touted before and after the Social Good Summit in New York this fall by UN ambassadors and leadership alike.


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