Hitachi Motorsports

Case + Study

+ Challenge

Hitachi Motorsports needed something unique, something powerful to alert website visitors to the importance of teamwork, technology, and on-track analysis in the sport of IndyCar racing. Their only stipulations were that they wanted it to be a digital component to their current motorsports website and they wanted it to be done in an innovative and creative fashion.

+ Solution

Futureman was brought in to concept, design, and develop an engaging and informative interactive infographic. The piece would aim to bring users into the “inner sanctum” of Hitachi Motorsports, explaining the importance of technology, teamwork, and several other key factors in the world of IndyCar racing.

+ results

The finished project has grabbed a lot of attention in the racing world. Not only have direct competitors taken notice, but also a well-known and long-time partner of Hitachi’s has tapped its other sponsors to begin thinking about digital activations of this caliber.

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