Kris Jenner

Case + Study

+ Challenge

FOX tapped Futureman for a quick turn website to complement the pilot of the Kris Jenner Show. The site had to be beautiful and easy for web administrators to manage. Piece of cake, right? It had to be done in less than two weeks.

+ Solution

Futureman, armed with little more than a headshot and an image of what the set was to look like, created a stunning site for Kris in the timeframe, and the site management tools the agency provided allowed for clips and show highlights to be added almost as soon as the tapings were completed.

+ results

FOX, known for giving Futureman the moniker of the “Special Ops of Digital,” was able to breathe a sigh of relief upon deployment, having a beautiful online destination to complement the pilot period of the show.

Futureman continues to receive calls and propositions to create and develop IPs for shows with insane deadlines. Almost always the agency says yes. That is how the team is able to stay so young at heart.


+ Design

+ art direction

+ brand identity

+ user experience

+ concept design

+ visual design

+ production design


+ Interactive

+ WordPress

+ custom admin

+ JQuery

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