Map the Meal Gap

Case + Study

+ Challenge

Feeding America called on Futureman to help take their Map the Meal Gap map application and convert it from Flash, to modern web standards. They wanted their immersive tool to be accessible across all devices and platforms so that it could be viewed anywhere, anytime, and with any device with an internet connection.

+ Solution

Using an arsenal of new and flexible technologies, coupled with improved user experience findings and mobile strategies, Futureman rebuilt the entire application to allow it work across mobile, desktop, and tablet devices. No longer would it be restricted by technologies that are non adaptive to changing technical landscapes.

+ results

Since it's launch in April 2015, the numbers show far more sessions to the application than in previous years, when it was bound by Flash, highlighting its widespread capabilities and far reaching attributes. A tool of this caliber, one that is responsible for helping solidify large organization donations and corporate partnerships, can now be accessed anywhere, by anyone interested in learning about food insecurity across our country.


+ Design

+ art direction

+ concept design

+ visual design

+ production design

+ user experience


+ Interactive



+ Leaflet

+ jQuery

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