Meet Tracey

Case + Study

+ Challenge

Special K came to Futureman to help them resolve and change the way women talk about weight management. Far too often, women speak about their shape and themselves in disparaging terms, and Special K was adamant that women are more successful with weight management when they focus on the positive instead of the negative. So Futureman was tasked with finding an impactful and compelling medium to drive the conversation from deprivation and loss to a new focus on “gains.”

+ Solution

Futureman shot, edited, and produced an 8-episode online video series that tracked the personal experiences of Tracey, your ordinary woman, as she took the 14-day Special K challenge. Through effective and positive messaging, Futureman positioned the campaign as “what will you gain when you lose?”

+ results

The result was an immersive online video series posted on the Special K website homepage as well as the Special K Facebook page, that depicted the triumphs and tribulations your “everyday” woman experiences with dieting. Through successful auditioning and casting, along with highly stylized filming and editing, Futureman was able to realistically portray the ups and downs that the average woman faces when dieting, in a cohesive manner on high-traffic online properties.


+ Production

+ casting

+ live action shooting

+ motion graphics

+ linear editing

+ sound design

+ color treatment

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