More Than A Game

Case + Study

+ Challenge

Through the World Cup 2014 in Brazil, AT&T recognized they had an opportunity to reinforce the notion that their technology gives people the ability and freedom to connect with their passions and the world around them. In this sense, AT&T would be more than a wireless company, they’d be a part of people’s daily lives. So how could AT&T offer something digitally that, when the big matches featuring US Soccer were happening in Brazil, catapulted the games to be more than just a game – literally the MOST important thing to fans who would actively converse as they tuned in to watch live – and everything non-soccer related would be less important?

+ Solution

AT&T tapped Futureman to create and deploy a social status “dashboard” to focus fans’ social media feeds 100% around the US Soccer games in Brazil. In the vain of an out-of-office auto responder, the agency developed a system wherein users could wire up their social feeds to automatically respond that they were tied up focusing on US Soccer at the moment, and that everything non-soccer related would simply have to wait until after the games.

+ results

The tool managed to attract an increased amount of awareness around the campaign while continuing to harbor and drive engagement among soccer fans in the US. The platform in short, allowed users to be “more than a fan.”


+ Design

+ art direction

+ user experience

+ concept design

+ visual design

+ production design


+ Interactive

+ CodeIgniter

+ custom admin

+ bootstrap

+ server infrastructure

+ dev ops

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