Nothing But Nets

Case + Study

+ Challenge

Nothing But Nets came to us for help designing and delivering a new website that aimed to drastically improve the appearance, content strategy, and usability of their existing site. When they first engaged us, their current site was dated, cluttered, and "band-aided," and the campaign knew their mission deserved better.

+ Solution

"We hopped a plane to the Nation's Capital, conducted several usability workshops and mapping exercises.

Upon our return to the Windy City, we coupled these findings with a comprehensive site and content audit, and in turn, we were able to deliver the 'Nets team an entirely new information architecture and design concept that better aligned with the goals and objectives of the new site and its key audiences.

+ results

In June 2017 we launched the new website to the public and the feedback since release has been nothing other than pure excitement around the site's new design and its streamlined attributes. We were able to cut the new site down by one third of what it used to be, and now visitors are better positioned to find the information they've been wanting instead of hunting around for it within the parameters of a somewhat cluttered IP.

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