Social Challenge

Case + Study

+ Challenge

Life My Way and Serafin PR hired Futureman to create a digital campaign to promote social equality for those with mental disabilities.

+ Solution

Futureman developed a custom website and video campaign which aggregated/showcased the global use of derogatory tweets toward those with a mental disability. Our site allowed users to anonymously tweet back to the offender and encourage them to take a pledge to refrain from using such words.

+ results

To say the results were staggering, would be an understatement. Our proprietary tool and website uncovered that every 3 seconds, someone uses the word "retard" or “retarded" in a tweet. Our campaign resulted in over 20,00 people taking the pledge to refrain from using these words.


+ Design

+ Art Direction

+ Brand Identity

+ User Experience

+ Concept Design

+ Visual Design


+ Interactive


+ WordPress

+ Custom Theme

+ Pledge Integration


+ Production

+ Live Action Shooting

+ Motion Graphics

+ Linear Editing

+ Sound Design

+ Color Treatment

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