DIRECTV NOW Swiftstakes

Case + Study

+ Challenge

AT&T was kicking off their first concert in their new partnership with Taylor Swift in Houston prior to the Super Bowl. All tickets for the show were going to be awarded via an online contest promoted across all AT&T channels. They needed a simple, easy to use system to handle submissions as well as super-high traffic bursts when the concert was promoted.

+ Solution

We built an easy to use system that allowed the program’s administrators to effectively monitor submissions, assign winners, and notify contestants. Additionally, we created personalized agendas for contest winners based on their level of participation (three levels) that authenticated based on their submitted information.

+ results

The contest elicited 70,000+ submissions and 3,000 winners with <.05% error rate. The concert was a success and fulfillment went off without issue.


+ Design

+ Art Direction

+ User Experience

+ Concept Design

+ Visual Design


+ Interactive

+ Middleman


+ CircleCI

+ BrightWork

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