The Board

Case + Study

+ Challenge

Oscar de la Renta came to Futureman with a need for something innovative to coincide with their Spring 2012 Fashion Show. How could they feature the show to millions of viewers via the web while simultaneously crowdsourcing inspiration from the public digitally?

+ Solution

The approach Futureman crafted was two-fold:

First, Futureman would design and implement an engaging splash page to encase the livestream viewer so people around the globe could view the Spring show in real-time via the web.

In addition to this, Futureman, once the airing of the Spring Fashion Show ended, would convert the splash page into a digital inspiration board for users to upload inspirational photos and videos to in an effort to help Oscar with his next collection.

+ results

Today, users continue to submit photos and videos directly to the 27” monitor in Oscar de la Renta’s office via The Board. Each new Spring and Fall Collection ODLR launches continues to receive inspiration from user-generated submissions from across the globe.


+ Design

+ art direction

+ user experience

+ concept design

+ visual design

+ production design


+ Interactive

+ WordPress

+ livestream integration

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