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Who We Are + Mission


Welcome to Futureman. This is the section of a website where a company attempts to astound you with how great they are. They like to include Fortune 500 logos, bold text about results, and photos of them living it up at SXSW. Bored yet? We are.

So what’s our deal? We are Designers, Developers, Directors, Editors, Animators and Producers working together above a jazz club in Chicago. We take ideas and bring them to life for your viewing pleasure. We like to think of Futureman as a deck of cards. Each team member has an essential purpose and skill set. When put together, we provide our clients with the ultimate stacked deck. No bust or wild cards, just the money ones, baby.

We have huge clients, however we are not a huge company. A client once described us as “the Special Ops of digital agencies.” Even though we don’t parachute into meetings, we like to think of ourselves as a select group that gets called in when clients need something exceptional or the big name agency originally hired can’t deliver.

Has the business model worked? We’d like to think so. 100% of our work continues to be generated by client referrals and we love that. We do everything possible to make a Futureman project fun and enjoyable for our clients. Life’s too short not to have a good time, so don’t be surprised if we host a meeting over happy hour. If you like what we are putting down and want to learn more, keep on reading.

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+ Design

We’re a collective of visualizers. We define, tailor, and craft digital experiences that separate the few from the many. These three complex principles are what direct us to create intuitively impeccable design. When we test the limits, we thrive. When we grind the edge, we’re limitless. And you’d better believe that we’re damn good at it.


+ Interactive

When we blend impeccable design into the space of interactivity, it’s a whole different perspective. And it’s that perspective that raises the bar; it’s a unique sensibility that makes people come back for more. We’ll make it move, zoom, and swipe. And if it hasn’t been done, we’ll find a way to do it.


+ Production

Futureman's roots are grounded in film and storytelling. Video is everywhere in the digital space and we have been there to help our clients tell their stories through live action video, motion graphics, and premiere editing. Our production team members write, direct, shoot, animate, and edit. From what our clients are saying, we tell very good tales.